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The Effect of Raw Bitumen Insertion on Its Price Trend

The Effect of Raw Bitumen Insertion on Its Price Trend

They know bitumen as a raw commodity.  In this article of petroleum products faraz , we are going to examine the effect of raw bitumen insertion on its price trend.

The application of bitumen includes moisture insulation and asphalt construction.

It’s a matter of oil derivatives. They produce it in the oil refinery as natural bitumen, oil pitch  and bitumen coal tar.

They deposit crude oil in oil refineries and make it.

Bitumen producers call it the heaviest part of crude oil, which is the main ingredient of pitch production.

It is a black to dark brown hydrocarbon that is completely soluble in carbon disulfide and carbon tetrachloride.

This material is solid at first but when the temperature rises, it turns into a paste, and then becomes liquid.

The most important features of bitumen include permeability, soft spot and ignition.

They measure the permeability of bitumen based on the length of a standard needle under specified conditions.


Factors Affecting  Bitumen Price Insertion

People  price each tonne of iport & export bitumen based on 1000 kg that they  they’re pricing on the commodity exchange thus a supplier company announces the amount of supply to the Organization of Stock Exchanges So that buyers go through their administrative process and buy in the barrel.

Factors affecting  pitch  price and the price of other petroleum products  include crude oil price, vacuum buttons, the supply of vacuum batons in the stock exchange, as well as the amount of demand for purchases.

Barrel pitch price insertion  depends the price of pitch in the commodity exchange as well as the price of barrels plus VAT.

This type of material packaging is sold in different ways such as loose barrel bitumen, mixed barrel pitch, Tin bitumen as well as  hard bitumen .

Insert price per tonne of it depends on crude oil price.

If the price of crude oil increases, the price of that  will increase.

The price of it will also decrease, if the price of crude oil decreases.

According to experts, the price of pitch  will increase in the coming years.

Factors affecting bitumen price include fuel prices, crude oil prices, political conditions, exchange rates, demand rates and supply of it in the market and demand rates in the hot season of the year when construction increases.

If you buy raw natural pitch in bulk, the price will be very reasonable.

Typically, Isogam production companies or asphalt producers buy this material in bulk to increase their adhesion with  its  natural  compounds.

Sale of Raw Bitumen

National media has announced that you export bitumen in raw form in this regard, The inclusion of  bitumen as a raw material affected the price trend.

Many oil refineries of Isfahan, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Tehran and Shiraz buy bitumen raw materials.

They export it with high raw material prices.

Pitch raw material is vacuum bottom and has high value in asphalt production.

On the global basis, its price has increased in the trading ring ; therefore, domestic companies in the Iranian market requested that prices increase.

They buy vacuum bottom to sell it at a higher prices in the following months.

Reasons to Export Your Raw Bitumen

  • Domestic market turmoil
  • Lack of coordination between producers and Union International Bitumen
  • Paying Ministry of Oil
  • Absence of export glasses
  • Existence of new competitors
  • Lack of necessary cohesion in market supply

Types of Bitumen for Sale

  1. a) Loose tar or Bitumen 60/70 which is the same as refinery pitch.
  2. b) They heat the shell it in the rigid bitumen factories and create pure and hard grade tar or 90 /15.
  3. c) Mixed tar or 85 in 25 is a combination of loose & hard pitch and is very suitable for asphalt felt.

We need to pay attention to important things at the time of purchase, including reasonable price, degree of permeability, viscosity, degree of ignition, ductility of bitumen, degree of purity, softening point test of bitumen, degree of adhesion as well as lack of penetration of moisture.

Loose bitumen is sold for road construction and also hard pitch would be sold for insulation.

 They’ve  allocated 90% of it for road construction and 10% of it for insulation; therefore,  most tar purchases are used by the Ministry of Roads and Transport in Iran to build highways and roads.

 The municipality can use it to pave a  street.

They use loose tar  in road construction and divide it by degree of permeability.

The type of permeable degree of this material indicates that it is strength.

People measure bitumen by a weight 100 grams for 5 seconds at 25°C  so that they get the degree of permeability.

People use bitumen 85 100 and 60 70 for road construction in Iran.

  The above numbers also show the degree of permeability of it.

 Iran Bitumen insertion Price

They produce 5 million tons of pitch in Iran every year that use half of it for domestic use and export the rest of it to countries like the Middle East, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.

Iran tar is ranked seventh and fourth in the world among dozens of countries producing and exporting bitumen.

It can meet 8.3% of global tar  demand.

If you want to buy it at a reasonable price, you should look for valid sources so that they deliver that to you at a reasonable price without intermediaries.

Global Bitumen insertion Market

Factors affecting the final pitch price include the price of Dollar and Rial.

 People determine the price of oil in the world markets in dollars.

You should pay attention that  the cost of transportation and raw bitumen insertion also affect on its price trend.

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