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Flexi tank

Flexi tank

Flexi Tank

Flexi tank is a bag for liquid transport up to 24 tons in 20 and 40 foot containers.

The standard Flexi is made of polyethylene and polypropylene. The capacity could be between 16,000 liters to 24,000 liters.

What kind of materials are transportable in Flexi tanks?

  • Base Oil
  • RPO
  • Bitumen
  • All sorts of liquids, Petro chemistry materials and food products.

Why Flexi Tank?

  1. Saving in transportation costs.
  2. Less effort for better and more regular delivery.
  3. Storage location.
  4. Easy installing and loading Flexi Tanks.
  5. Elimination of cleaning costs.

Advantages of Flexi Tanks:

  1. Decrease in costs, mistakes and damages.
  2. Ethylene polymers with high strength, endurance, life time and security.
  3. Materials used in Flexi Tanks have high energy absorption capacity and expansion.
  4. Having loading content up to 24,000 Mts that is 30% more than carrying in a barrel (drum).
  5. One-way shipping costs without cleaning costs and returning compared with tankers, preventing from pollution compared with tankers return.
  6. Saving in holding, packing and managing costs.
  7. Low volume and weight, and easy transportation.
  8. Including environmental standards, and the raw materials in it don’t generate any pollution in the environment, and being completely recyclable.
  9. Suitable for ocean, railway and land (road) transportation.
  10. Exact and effective quality control for each discharge and loading.

Flexi Tank loading:

  1. Flexi tanks can be loaded from 16,000 to 24,000 liters contents. The volume of loading depends on the density of the liquid, and loaded weight shouldn’t be more than 24 Mts.
  2. Maximum loading temperature up to 70 centigrade.
  3. Minimum loading temperature up to 10 centigrade.
  4. Including thermometer showing the inside temperature.
  5. Including loading speed of 800 liters in a minute or 50 CBM in each hour.



Flexi tank removing process:


Polyethylene is proved to be very proper and suitable for recycling. Polyethylene, a thermoplastic which can be melted and changed into another substance, has been recognized as one of the environmentally friendly materials.


Burning is the best method to remove. To do so, Flexi tanks should be delivered to licensable and allowed factories, or after drying Flexi tank thoroughly, discharge and loading valves of the flexi is separated and the Flexi tank should be disintegrated into small pieces (each piece’s length not more than 1 square meter) and at last these pieces would be delivered to allowed removing or recycling factories.

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