Bitumen VG30

Bitumen VG30

Iranian bitumen VG30

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bitumen vg30 with Iranian origin is produced and exported by Farazoil, supplying is VG30 bitumen is our profession.

What is VG 30 bitumen? Another type of refinery bitumen that is vacuum bitumen produced by aeration is VG 30 bitumen. Purchase of bitumen of this type in order to use it in ultra-heavy bitumen sidewalk projects or construction / road construction projects that have to withstand heavy and very heavy traffic load.

Apart from the road construction industry, VG 30 bitumen is used in insulation, construction and also in the production of liquid bitumen.

VG30 bitumen
CharacteristicsUnitVG 30Test Method
Absolute Viscosity @ 60 °C, Poises°CMin.2400IS 1206 (Part 2)
Kinematic Viscosity @ 135 °CcStMin.350IS 1206 (Part 3)
Softening Point (R&B)°CMin.47IS 1205
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup).°CMin.220IS 1209
Solubility in trichloroethylene.%Min.99IS 1206
Penetration   @   25   °C   (100   grams,   5 seconds)0.150-70IS 1203
Test on residue from thin film oven tests/RTFOT
i) Viscosity ratio @ 60 °C°CMax. 4.0IS 1206 (Part 2)
ii)  Ductility  @  25  °C,  (Thin  film  oven test).CmMin.40IS 1208
Specification Gravity @ 27/27°CMin.0.99IS 1202
Conforms to BIS (IS 73:2006) Specifications
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