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White Spirit

White Spirit

White spirit​

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white spirit is a petroleum extract and it is considered a mild Solvent. It is known as mineral turpentine, turpentine substitute, petroleum spirits, solvent naphtha (petroleum), Varsol & Solvent 402. this product is mixture of paraffin and aromatic hydrocarbons with a distillation range of 200-142 °C. These types of Solvents are liquid, transparent, colored water and a mild odor, chemically stable and they do not cause corrosion.
White Spirit is used as a paint thinner. In industry, mineral spirits are used for cleaning and degreasing machine tools and parts, and in conjunction with cutting oil as a thread cutting and reaming lubricant. Mineral spirits are an inexpensive petroleum-based replacement for the vegetable-based turpentine.


 It is commonly used as paint thinner for oil-based paint and cleaning brushes, and as an organic solvent in other applications. Mineral spirits are often used to clean and unclog screens after printing with oil-based textile and plastisol inks. They are also used to thin inks used in making mono-prints. Also White Spirit is packed in bulk, drum normally (170 Kg & 200 Kg drum each) and small flexi Tanks (With maximum 15 tons capacity) too.

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White Spirit - Solvent 402 analyze

Density @ 15°Ckg/m3775 MinASTM D-1298
Color Say bolt25 MinASTM D-156
Flash Point Tag°C38 MinASTM D-93
I.B.P°C142 MinASTM D-86
10% Evaporated°C158 MinASTM D-86
50% Evaporated°C180 MaxASTM D-86
90% Evaporated°C210 MaxASTM D-86
FBP°C230 MaxASTM D-86
Dry Point°C198 MaxASTM D-86
Sulfur Total% wt0.1 MaxASTM D-1266
Doctor TestNegativeASTM D-4952
Aromatic Content% vol20 MaxASTM-D-1319
5/5 - (1 vote)