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300 Kg Bitubag Packing

The 300 Kg Bitubag is filled with bitumen that is exactly cooled down to a temperature slightly higher than the softening point – and lower than the melting point of the plastic liner material of the bag into a special Polyolefin Bag and is let down to harden and become solid for easy handling and cold transportation. The inner bag is placed in a very solid and firmly designed 3ply outer layer of special polymeric bags. These bags are environmentally friendly and safe to handle, as it allows transportation and storage of large quantities of bitumen for long periods of time reducing energy costs and avoiding any left overs in drums or un-necessary heating like in bulk vessels.

Advantage of Bitumen in 300 Kg Bitubag

The core element is the Bitubag packing system; a light–weight, durable and flexible bag optimized for container transports that enables a number of economic and logistic advantages for the entire supply chain. With its unparalleled features, Bitubag packing can increase the producer’s margins, reduce transport costs and reach markets that could not be reached because it is more economical.

  • The Bag is designed as a self–stabilizing container made of plastic material, consisting of a multi–layer outer bag (flexible recyclable fabric) and an inner liner (special–purpose film).
  • The Bitumen Bag can carry over 300 Kg of paving bitumen. Its shape and volume is optimized for maximum loading.
  • The bag can be transported by any common transport system (Truck, Standard Container, Rail and Ship).
  • The bag is UV–protected and suitable for every climate.
  • Loading 24 MT in a 20 ft Container
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