Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70

Iranian Bitumen 60/70

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Bitumen 60/70 with Iranian origin is produced and exported by Farazoil, supplying Bitumen 60-70 is our profession.

 Bitumen 60/70  is known as loose bitumen in the market

The vast majority of bitumen used in asphalt for road construction is bitumen  . The full name of this grade is bitumen penetration grade 60/70  and it is one of the most widely used bitumen grades in the world. Bitumen60/70  , also called smooth bitumen, works well in almost any application. Because this degree of bitumen is suitable for road construction in a wide range of temperatures (from -22 to +76).

 For more information on bitumen grade production, specifications and applications, continue reading.

Bitumen 60/70


What is  bitumen 60/70  ?

To understand the meaning of bitumen   60/70  , we must pay attention to testing this type of bitumen after production.This grade of bitumen is called bitumen penetration test. In this test method, we penetrate a standard needle in a bitumen sample and penetrate the velocity and estimate the hardness of the bitumen. Using this test method, we classify ordinary bitumen into more than 5 degrees.

As you can see in the above range, this product  is a medium type of pen grade bitumen. In bitumen60/70  , the numbers 60 and 70 mean that the amount of bitumen penetration is between 60 and 70 mm.

Specifications of 60/70 bitumen


 The quality of bitumen 60/70  depends on its physical properties and characteristics. In addition to penetration testing, there are a number of tests used to determine bitumen60/70  , including viscosity, softening point, ductility, heat loss, and flash point. Some of these are even more important for this product suppliers and their customers. These are the softening point and the ignition point. According to ASTM D36 method, the softening point of  60/70 is between 49 and 56 ° C and the flash point of this product is 250 ° C.

Difference between bitumen 60/70 and 80/100?  

 The main difference between  60/70 and  bitumen  80/100 is the amount of their penetration. To decide between this product versus bitumen 80/100, we must take into account the fact that the penetration of bitumen 80/100 is softer than 60-70. For this reason, bitumen 80/100  is used in cold temperatures.

What are applications of 60/70 bitumen?

 The vast majority of bitumen used in asphalt for road construction is bitumen 60/70. That is why this type of bitumen is known as carpet grade. In road projects around the world, they mix this grade of bitumen with aggregates to heat asphalt and pave the road. Bitumen60/70  is very popular in India and Southeast Africa because its quality  is acceptable and its price is not very high. By increasing the performance of the final asphalt and treating cracks during maintenance, this product is recognized as a cost-effective solution that reduces costs, without compromising quality.

Another application of bitumen 60/70 is in the production of polymer modified bitumen. In the production of PMBs, we add special polymers to this product to improve its properties including elasticity, brittleness and softening point, which is essential for better performance of asphalt mix.

How is  bitumen 60/70 produced?

this product is usually produced from crude oil. Just like other degrees of penetration, this grade is produced through the blowing process in a refinery. Due to blowing and moderate air infiltration, this bitumen grade is not very soft and hard.  Bitumen60/70 , unlike other bitumen grades, does not require further processing. In industry, this type of bitumen is also called direct bitumen, which means that this type of bitumen is produced directly from the vacuum distillation process. Since this bitumen does not need any changes, the price of bitumen 60/70  is lower than other bitumen.

emphasis on safe packaging and minimizing the risk of bitumen 60/70 contamination is very important. To provide a higher level of safety in the proper transportation and delivery of your bitumen, we have variety of packaging options that meet market standards.

Specialists in the field of bitumen trade and obtains bitumen products from manufacturers who follow the rules of international standard, which is one of the highest quality of these manufacturers.  At present, in order to continue our growth, we must provide buyers with the best quality this product .

By selling bitumen 60/70  with superior quality to customers and the best available price, we ensure that they gain an unparalleled trading experience.

Consulting services to customers

Since buying quality and pure bitumen is a bit complicated and many elements must be considered. That’s why we offer a comprehensive consulting service to our customers to ensure that they are fully aware of the technical specifications of each product before purchasing To help our customers make better decisions

As a supplier of bitumen, we offer a variety of bitumen to our customers at reasonable prices. Since each grade of bitumen has a specific application, experts can provide you with more details about it. If you are more interested in product information or need to place an order, contact the  our experts. the experts help you choose the bitumen you want.

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