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jumbo bag

jumbo bag

Jumbo Bag

Bitumen Jumbo bag is a large flexible multi-layer bag that is used to transport the bitumen as a kind of environmentally friendly and economical packaging method that is available in various sizes. This type of bags with the highest quality and resistance is the cheapest, easiest and least wasted bitumen packing. It has a high heat tolerance and melts at 160 degrees Celsius. Bitumen Jumbo Bag are in the size of 300Kg and 1000Kg. Bitumen packing upon customers demand also can be palletized and reinforced by steel frame.

Advantage of Bitumen in Jumbo bag

The Jumbo Bag is filled with bitumen that is exactly cooled down to a temperature slightly higher than the softening point – and lower than the melting point of the plastic liner material of the bag into a special Polyolefin Bag and is let down to harden and become solid for easy handling and cold transportation.

The bag is designed to melt along with the bitumen to form a homogeneous mass at a temperature between 160 and 170 Centigrade, without leaving any unmelted or partially materials.

  • The temperature of the molten bitumen pouring into the bag is 120~140 Centigrade.
  • The Jumbo Bag produces no pollution, and there is no package waste at the end-use.
  • No residual bitumen waste during the end-use.
  • To be Easy for shipping and storing.
  • Much cheaper than steel drum packing.
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