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Bitumen tank containers are used for the transport and storage of all types of bulk bitumen, emulsions, cutbacks, PMBs and heavy fuel oils. They maximize product carrying capacity within the constraints of a standard ISO shipping slot space. Bitumen tanks are ideal for temporary storage depots and job sites.

  • 20ft tanks store up to 27,000 liters
  • 40ft tanks store up to 65,000 liters
  • Ships as a standard ISO container with full intermodal transport – road, rail or sea
  • Heating systems include direct fire, thermal oil and electric or combinations

Bitutainers are supplied with factory installed heater tubes. Therefore, Burner Sets and other equipment can be used for heating the bitumen. This equipment includes Direct Fire Diesel or LPG Burners, inserting electric elements into the direct fire heating tubes or by using Thermal Oil from an existing circuit. Direct Fire heating is the most popular option.

Typically, it will take 10 hours to heat a full Bitutainer from ambient (approx. 20°C) to pumping temperate (approx. 140°C).


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