Faraz Oil Corporation
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About us

About us

I; Majid Ganj Bakhsh, the
founder of Farazoil brand, started my activity in the petroleum products export industry from Iran in 2014.

Actually, I’m an Army Pilot who happened to be interested in selling Bitumen and quickly progressed in this business.

At first, my only investments were these two items:
1- My high skill in speaking and building communication, which was developed as a result of my years of management in the army.
2- My wife; Mrs. Giti Karimi, who was a smart accountant and managed the small income from the initial sales in such a way that now, less than 10 years after we started our work, we are completing the new production unit of Farazoil.

We are here to provide services for Petroleum products.
Do not follow us without reason!
But we recommend you After ages of experience Follow and Find the quality. If you find the quality, you will find us sooner. We always try to be the safest distination for our customers.

our team

Majid Ganjbakhsh

Managing Director

Giti Karimi

Chairman of the Board

Marziyeh Shirazi

Commercial Manager

Ahmad Ghobadi

Operation Manager

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