Farazoil petroleum products

Faraz oil believes that “Do a business you are proud of” and we are proud of supplying petroleum products

About Farazoil

 Petro Faraz Gostar Kian company with commercial name of Faraz oil was founded by MR Majid Ganjbakhsh in 2014

Faraz oil is renowned for producing and supplying high quality Bitumen and petroleum products and also industrial instrumentation

All in all our first priority and main goal is our valued customers ease of mind and all our activities tendency is toward our main goal

Faraz oil productivity

Faraz oil has achieved 500 percent increase in sales volume since now as a result of its consistency and perseverance

Faraz oil activities

Although Faraz oil started its activity by purchasing petroleum products , it has expanded the products to petrochemicals and industrial instrumentations too

Faraz oil first priority

Faraz oil has tried and is going to keep trying to provide customers with high quality products and services because customers’ pleasant experience of working with us is our first priority