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Slack Wax

Slack Wax

Slack wax

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Slack Wax is mixture of paraffin wax and oil originated from petroleum crude oil. Melting point 50-52  ̊C is categorized as light grade and 53-55  ̊C is the heavy grade, and the oil content ranges from 5.0% to as much as 35%. It is a byproduct derived in the process of producing lube cut. During paraffin wax production, Slack Wax is fed into system as raw material which is finally processes into different grades of Paraffin Wax after performing the refining processes deoiling and bleaching.

Slack wax analysis

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°Cmm2/S(cSt)5.57.5ASTM D-445
Oil Content% wt1416ASTM D-721
Density @ 15°CKg/m30.770-0.8000.830-0.850ASTM D-4052
Flash point°C230250ASTM D-92
Color @ 70 oC (Max)°C0.50.5ASTM D-1500
Congealing Point (0C)(Min)°C5461ASTM D-937
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