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About Farazoil

Petroleum is a natural liquid that can be converted into fuel . This valuable liquid can be found in the depth of the earth’s surface, and was formed over millions of years by the decomposition of organic substances.

Petroleum can be refined into products such as Bitumen, Base Oil, Paraffin and etc.

Faraz Oil is a Bitumen producer and supplier of petroleum products to export high quality products from Iran to more than 20 countries since 2014.

Faraz Oil always has tried and is going to keep trying to provide high quality products for its customers, because their pleasant experience of working with us is our first priority


Our priority

We know that the most important factor for the growth of any company is to keep its customers. Therefore, we always try to satisfy them and we are happy with the pleasant experience they have working with us.

Our mission

We are creating new global markets by supplying and producing quality Petroleum products , having honesty and obligation in our work.

Our vision

In near future, we will become one of the top 10 companies in the field of Bitumen production in the Middle East and gain more market share.

Farazoil petroleum products


Paraffin wax

Oil Slack wax

Rubber Process Oil (RPO)

Melamine powder

White Spirit

Extract of Farazoil experiences in the supply and production of petroleum products is in the Articles section.