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 Chracteristics of a good asphalt

 Chracteristics of a good asphalt

The term ‘asphalt’ is familiar to everyone, but you may not have information about its characteristics.Stay with Faraz Petroleum Products Company

In this article, we are going to familiarize you with the features of a good asphaltum , so stay with us until the end.

In First, we define asphaltum and introduce its types.

Babylonians recognized it in the past. But today, it exists naturally and Trinidad Island is the largest of them.

According to the type of production and application, they devided asphaltum into different types such as hot asphalt, protective asphaltum in addition to cold asphalt.

Hot Asphalt

They create hot asphaltum by mixing hot materials together. Hot asphaltum is also classified as different types such as surface asphalt, liner asphaltum , bitumen asphaltum and asphaltum sand.

Protected Asphalt

They produce Protected asphaltum differently from surface to multilayer, Each of them has its own characteristics and they use it in special places.

Types of protective asphaltum include single layer, multi_layer, cold_rolled protective asphaltum , seal coats, bituminous grout or emulation asphaltum .

good asphalt

Cold Asphalt

They obtain cold asphaltum by mixing soluble bitumen with stone material at ambient temperature.

Bitumen may need to be heated , but other materials are mixed with bitumen without heating.

The People produce this material in the road construction industry in various ways that it plays an important role.

Now, we will briefly explain some things in order to learn about the features of a good asphalt.

1.Having a long life and appropriate compressive strength to prevent subsidence and cracking.

  1. Having a high quality to prevent bitumen fluidity, breathing action, aggregate separation in addition to bitumen erosion.
  2. Suitable sand grading to prevent asphaltum detachment and roughening of asphalt surface.
  3. Having proper substructure and smooth surface .


Bitumen is a material used in the manufacture of the asphaltum that must have the highest quality, so they usually use refinery bitumen and increase its quality by adding bitumen.


One of the important factors in determining the characteristics of a good asphalt is the type of sand grading , that we must do it properly because choosing a suitable granulation makes the bitumen 60/70 more sticky and prevents water from penetrating.

The best materials for asphaltum production include sand mining , river dust and artificial aggregate made from iron scrap manufacturers.


Another feature of a good asphalt is a very suitable infrastructure, therefore when we do it, we have to pay attention to the following:

  1. Moisture
  2. The amount of bond strength with bitumen vg30 and strength.
  3. Impact resistance rating.

4.Abrasion resistance

We need to do the following infrastructure steps very carefully:

  1. Excavation and earthwork.
  2. Removing height and postal
  3. Infrastructure for good climate.
  4. Pouring bitumen on the surface of asphalt to increase the adhesion of asphalt on the ground.


The most important features of a good asphaltum include resistance and longevity.

The life span is different under various conditions such as traffic, bitumen quality, weather conditions in addition to external pressurs, therefore a suitable asphalt should be able to tolerate all of the above, so that they use gilsonite in the production of this material.

smooth surface

A smooth surface is another feature of a good asphaltum because it has less friction with the tires and therefore will have less depreciation. For this reason, they use natural bitumen to increase tensile strength, resistance to asphalt appearance changes, flexibility and also increase its ductility.

Crack resistance

We mentioned some things about the characteristics of a good asphalt, all of which are useful and if there’s a problem, it causes problems in all cases.

As a result, mineral bitumen and natural bitumen are the best materials for the production of this material compared with refinery bitumen.

Finally , asphaltum has good features that include the best and highest quality materials and be used correctly .

Also, they should use natural bitumen ( which they produce it with the best asphaltum in the world) or gilsonite.

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