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Bitumen Transport Crisis and Shipping Costs

Bitumen Transport Crisis and Shipping Costs

In this article, we talk about the bitumen Transport Crisis and transportation costs. Stay with us until the end.

Many parts of bitumen are related to forwarding that we must pay attention to its specific points.

The most important points in this field include home heating system maintenance which cause it’s quality.

Sometimes they use horizontal and vertical tanks  in order to transfer that.

They use horizontal and vertical tanks  in order to transport it.

People use of without wheels tanks- that have sturdy metal frame – in order to maritime transport.

As a result, a professional supplier talks about how to send it in order to gain customer trust

He assures that it’s  transport is easily.

Transfer of Pitch to Abroad

Iran’s bitumen exports to Asia fell in July, but shipping prices  have doubled because of increasing delays and shipping container shortage.

If you stay with us until the end, we will provide you comprehensive information about pitch transport crisis and shipping costs.

Pitch loading is done in different ways includes drummed , bulk packing  ,containers and also ships.

Ocean Shipping

Ocean Shipping industry  is the most extensive international industry that more than 2 million people work in this field. Today they have important challenges such as:

  • Excess capacity
  • Fuel price rising

This  has increased the transportation crisis and shipping prices in Iran because of the impact of the global economic crisis on Iran’s shipping, creating water insecurity through pirates, Investment insufficient in ports, comprehensive planning  in this field as well as prohibitions;As a result, the price of  bitumen transport  to cost of goods in Iran is twice the global price.

If shipping costs increase, the price of pitch will also increase because they transport it through shipping lanes very much.This price has increased four times the first time in the past few years that they have registered it in GRI International.

In general, using containers vary in different ports which increases the price of jumbo bag and drum.

It has created a forwarding crisis and shipping prices.

Factors affecting freight shipping rates

90% of trade in exporting and vice versa is done through sea shipping  and only 10% of commodity transactions are done by plane or overland routes but today this type of bitumen & petroleum products transportation has crises.

Factors affecting the bitumen transportation crisis include:

Coronavirus Pandemic:

China was the first country to experience an outbreak of this disease; as a result it restricted the country’s international transportation and disrupted the cycle of container circulation around the world.

Now, experts believe that pitch haul exited the crisis after the pandemic and China’s imports will be increase.

Because the consumer of goods and services will demand more by passing the previous restrictions; As a result, international markets will be more disturbed.

Today, shipping companies should make regular plans for supplying goods

They  should get out of the transport crisis and make it fast.


Labor forces reduced  in many countries around the world because of quarantine .

It reduced porter’ s five forces and pitch haul services; As a result, export operations and container cycles slowed.

Remove Obsolete Docker Containers

Equipment control executive logistics registers of a new container order with careful planning and when he receives them, he puts down the old containers.

Unfortunately, Corona reduced  order of new containers.

Factors contributing to the imbalance of container flow include Lack of sufficient number of containers in the cycle of maritime operations, lack of capacity to load commercial vessels as well as rising global prices. This causes a higher or lower quantity to be demanded and increase pitch transport crisis and shipping costs.

When Will the Transport Crisis and Shipping Prices Return to a Balance State?

Transportation has a huge impact on our lives.

They import medical supplies by transferring  that today, the industry is facing a disease.

The transport crisis is so high around the world that has risen inflation rate around the world and price of goods has increased very much.

this problem is more in the field of bitumen. It has crippled the global economy.

We’ll point out things that balance it out

  1. High demands have been curbed since 2021 through support and easing programs, central banks, market intervention, free money.
  2. They withdraw monies and the level of employment has returned to its normal routine.
  3. Corporate activity improved

If you want to be aware of shipping prices, you can refer to dedicated freight links.

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