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Residue Wax

Residue Wax

Iran Residue Wax (Foots Oil)​

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Iran Foots Oil is the remaining residue when process of manufacturing paraffin wax from slack wax is finished, with brown color, high oiled wax (about 50% oil content). Foots oil is a final remained product of slack wax after pressing and de-coloring and indeed derived from the production of semi refined paraffin wax.

The main usage is for matches industry, hydrophobia impregnation material, raw material for production of grease lubricants, tire, rubber and shoe soil industries, Plastic Industries and So on.

Foots Oil

Packing of Foots Oil is in steel drums new or used to avoid any leakage during transportation. ISO tank and flexi tank are not used for foots oil because it is oily enough to be unloaded without heating it and again it is not economic to use this luxury packing for residue wax.

residue wax foots oil

Faraz Oil Residue Wax (Foots Oil)

Form Solid / Slab  –
Color White to yellow ASTM D-6045
Oil Content 0.5 – 10% ASTM D-721
Melting Point 58-68˚C ASTM D-87
Flash Point Minimum 250 ˚C ASTM D-92
Viscosity @ 100 ˚C 16-18 ASTM D-445
Congealing  Point 56-66˚C ASTM D-938
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