Rubber Process Oil (RPO)

Rubber process oil is produced by Lub Cut an oil composition which has a kinematic viscosity at 100 °C of from 32 to 50 CST and which contains less than 3%. Poly nuclear aromatic compounds is employed as a process oil for rubber compounds, especially aromatic rubbers. The process oil is compatible with aromatic rubbers but contains less toxic poly nuclear aromatic compounds than conventional aromatic rubber process oil. Rubber products of acceptable quality are produced by the use of the said oil composition.

Application of RPO as component in rubber formulations and manufacturing of products such as automobile tier, rubber shock absorbers, footwear, industrial hoses, wire and cable coverings, flooring materials and carrier fluid or solvent in manufacture of adhesives, sealants, polishes and carbon black

RPO available for export in bulk, new steel drum (210 Kg each) and by flexi tank.

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